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Regularly enhanced features to create an effective site.

Behind an intuitive editing interface lies an innovative and feature-rich website creation platform. Discover here an overview of iPaoo features to create your own website.

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Unique dashboard

The unique iPaoo dashboard displays your user account information and all the sites you contribute to. With a single click, you can log into the administration of a site to make changes and then access another site without logging out. It allows you to manage your email address, your password, as well as the language preferences of the administration interface of the sites you own or manage. You will also find all the information collected for your account and for the sites you manage in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Each site uses its own billing information to allow you to manage multiple sites from a single account. Smart if you are a webmaster and manage multiple clients' websites!

Intuitive pages and navigation manager

iPaoo's intuitive page and navigation manager is where you create the structure of your site, adding and organizing your different types of elements - pages, folders, links, blog categories. The order of the items is an exact reflection of the main navigation. Reorganize the main navigation menu by simple drag and drop. The main navigation section reflects the main menu that appears at the top of your website and presents links to the most important pages of your site. Items in the Non-Navigation section are public, unless disabled or password-protected, but do not appear in the navigation.

Zero code and visual layout editor

The iPaoo layout editor allows you to create and modify layouts visually, without having to write code. Add, duplicate or delete sections, grids, and components (Text, Title, Buttons, Images, Slideshow...) in an intuitive Drag & Drop editing interface. Everything you build is visible in real-time in the preview window. Without writing a single line of code, your layouts automatically adapt to all devices thanks to the sections and the different grid templates.

Blogging made easy

Creating a blog with iPaoo has never been easier. Share your ideas, your expertise with the world as you are inspired. Organize your ideas by category, write your articles in draft mode and publish them when you are satisfied with your work. Highlight your ideas with the front page image, write your own excerpts. Take full control of your blog's appearance with the design options. Display category views in 1 or more columns, activate the Masonry effect, choose the location of the front page image... with iPaoo each Blog is unique... like your site... like you!

Website metrics

iPaoo relies on Google Analytics, the most powerful statistics tool providing general and segmented data about your website visitors. With Google Analytics, you can get various information, such as the total number of unique visits per page and the number of new visitors versus old ones according to keywords, allowing you to optimize your SEO. All this information can be analyzed and used to improve the content of your website, to modify the content structure, to adapt your marketing activities, and finally to make the SEO better for your website.

Access management

You decide who will have access to all or part of your site! Access management allows you to protect the entire site or specific pages by a password. When a visitor tries to access a private area he is automatically redirected to a customizable login page. Thus you can limit certain areas of your site to a certain audience such as newsletter subscribers or members who have paid an access fee... This is a good way to create a site and monetize it!

Auto generated Sitemap & Robots files

The management of sitemap.xml and robots.txt files is often obscure for the neophytes and rather reserved for the experts. However, submitting a sitemap.xml to Google will facilitate the indexing and thus the referencing of your site. The sitemap contains a list of all the pages of your site in a format easily readable by the scanning robots. With iPaoo, the creation of sitemap.xml and robots.txt are fully automated. Each time you add a page, a blog post, or a product to your site it is added to the sitemap of the site with its date of creation or last modification unless you ask the search engines not to index it.