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Our website builder comes with an expanding collection of ready-to-use elements.

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Our innovating website builder allow you to organize your content within a page from structuring elements (Sections and Grids) and  a huge collection of ready-to-use elements, from text and images to slideshows and galleries. Save configured elements as presets and reuse them later on other pages or shared area such as top or footer. You thus offer your visitors a unique browsing experience and optimize your customer relationship.

Headline icon


The Headline element displays a headline with an optional link. It comes with several decoration options

Text icon


The Text element displays plain text. You can apply predefined sizes and styles.

Image icon


The Image element adds an image to your layout. Apply round or circle style to maje beautiful design!

Button icon


The Button element adds one or multiple buttons to your layout. Use CTA buttons to prompt users to take some specified action on your website.

Divider icon


The Divider element displays a horizontal or vertical divider.

Icon icon


The Icon element displays an SVG icon. You can set size as well as color.

Cards icon


The Cards element displays multiple panel or card elements within a grid. It has a Title, Meta, Content, Image and Link content field.

List Icon


The List element displays a vertical list. It comes with several styles.

Subnav icon


The Subnav element displays a horizontal navigation. It can be use to display your contact informations such as location, phone or email with icons.

Accordion icon


The Accordion element displays an accordion with a list of items.

Slideshow icon


The Slideshow element displays an image slideshow. Each slide can contain, Title, Meta, Content and a link.

Portfolio icon


Use the Portfolio component to create attractive entry points to your galleries, projects, references or other content. The items in a portfolio are displayed as a grid made up of rows and columns.

Gallery icon


The Gallery element displays multiple images elements within a grid. Images can open in a lightbox which also allows navigating between the items.

Overlay Slider icon

Overlay Slider

The Overlay Slider element displays an image slider with multiple overlays. Each of them can contain, Title, Meta, Content and a link.

Panel Slider icon

Panel Slider

The Panel Slider element displays an image slider with multiple panels. Each of them can contain, Title, Meta, Content and a link and you can choose the image position.

Code icon


The HTML element displays custom HTML, CSS or JS code

Alert icon


The Alert element displays an error message

Form icon


The form component allows you to create any type of form to interact and obtain information from your visitors: feedback or suggestion form, product and service information requests, etc.

Description list icon

Description list

The Description List element displays a description list.

Social icon


The Social element displays icons linking to social media profiles.

Totop icon


The To-Top element Displays an icon which scrolls back to the top of the page with smooth effect.

Video icon


The Video element displays a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Map icon


The Map element displays a map from Google Maps or OpenStreetMap with markers.